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dominatrix duo

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We are two dominas with beauty and experience in equal measure, who enjoy conducting sessions with the most willing and worthy slaves. One of the youngest, most stunning dommes alongside one of the sexiest shemale dommes on the fetish scene, together we are a truly unique experience.


We offer slaves the opportunity to join us for a session which revolves around strict domination, or alternatively one that is based on scenarios and roleplay. With our vivid imaginations we cater for the novice to the more extreme sub, and create sessions that push the slave beyond their limits, dreams and ultimate fantasies.


Together we offer the ultimate in punishment, humiliation and degradation, with almost no limitations. We carry out many aspects of roleplay, BDSM and more, to push our slave to their absolute limit. We have the exclusive use of our own very well equipped dungeon, complete with underground cellars and torture chambers, based in central London. We also have a dungeon in Bristol, consequently sessions are accessible to those in the South West and the South East regions.


With our vast range of sadistic interests, we have the equipment and location to make it all possible. We also enjoy the slightly more unusual scenarios, enabling us and the slave to take on different roles, incorporating aspects of Domination with many other weird and wonderful kinks. The scenes we describe reflect the depth and breadth of our love of the more bizarre, fetish, and unusual scenarios, and we invite slaves to write to us with their ideas. We relish the power of duo domination, and specialise in pleasure, pain and punishment that has to be experienced to be believed.

        This website is of an adult nature + should only be viewed by adults over the age of 18. If you are under 18, please leave now.


legal notice

All models on this site were over 18 years of age when photographed and all relevant records are held in compliance with with USC2257. Legal or regulatory authorities may use the contact form to request to see the records held in the UK.


The text and photography contained within this website is original and the sole property of It is illegal to copy images or text from this website, and we regularly monitor for stolen content and copyright infringement.


Any money given to the Mistresses is considered a gift, and the gift is divided equally between them both. The gift that is given to the Mistresses is for their time and companionship only. Whatever else that may occur if and when contact is made is the choice of consenting adults.


All of the acts described herein are entirely legal, and are fantasy acts and roleplays carried out between consenting adults. Professional dominants do not engage in any form of sexual contact with their submissives, therefore BDSM activities are not to be confused with prostitution.

What we don't do:


Sessions separately


Any sexual services


Any direct sexual contact


If you request anything sexual, you will lose the opportunity to serve us, even if you subsequently withdraw the request.


Only true submissives are welcome to apply to serve.


Professional dominants do not engage in any form of sexual contact with their submissives, therefore BDSM activities are not to be confused with prostitution.

News Flash:


We are currently setting up a new, larger dungeon in North London, in a 1,000 square foot studio.


The North London venue offers easy access by car, with private parking available. Public transport is also within walking distance (the nearest station is on the underground Northern Line).


We are of course still able to session in central London, however the majority of the equipment will be held in our larger venue, which also offers a professional film and photography studio for hire.